Bitjaws is more than a consulting company specialized in the development of web and mobile applications. For our united and professional team, your approach is the most important thing for us, along with the quality of the work in each of the projects we get involved in.

About us

We want to enjoy the experience of making your projects or ideas become a reality. We offer you a personalized development of web and mobile applications and that's why we are willing to become a reliable partner during the process.

About us

We are expert developers in Java and Golang, two very powerful, secure and agile programming languages. Both allow us to design software that can be executed and distributed on different platforms.

Another of our specialities is Blockchain, this is a server that allows us to identify each person and device uniquely and in any language. The same as Java and Golang, it is very secure, giving the possibility to carry out any type of action in a verifiable, unfalsifiable and transparent way, without the need for a third party to verify its validity.



David Bolet Alcaide

CTO & Founder

Technically responsible for the development and correct functioning of Bitjaws. More than 18 years experience in development world. Expert in Java and Golang

Team members

David Ortega Farrerons

Full Stack developer

Web developer at Bitjaws. I am a computer science student that enjoys programming.


Jordi Bolet Castellà

Advisor & Co-founder

Advisor at Bitjaws. I am involved in business development, team member relations, reputation and credibility of the company. 



Full Stack developer

Web developer at Bitjaws. Java expert and enjoys backend development.


Paula Quelart Garcia

Marketing assistant

Marketing assistant at Bitjaws. I'm a digital marketing student looking for the creative side of all projects.